Complex yet very simple



This may well be one on the shortest blog pieces I’ve ever written, the words below are the ones I typed on Twitter and Facebook

“The Government says: “the reasons why people use food banks is complex, so it’s wrong to link a rise to any one cause.”
So let’s be clear, all kinds of people use our foodbank service including:
People in work
People out of work
People with learning disabilities
People with mental illness
People who are sick
People who are well
People with addictions
People in recovery
People with debts
People who are owed money
People who have children
People who are over 50
People who are over 60
People who are under 30
So yes it’s “complex” but its also very simple – all these people have one thing in common, each of them is struggling to manage on the money they have and feel that through the charity of the foodbank they might have one less thing to worry about for at least a day or two.”

The response from Government, politicians and policy makers also needs to be simple, it requires a firm committment to doing away with the need for charity food aid in communities throughout the UK. It requires ploicies that yes “make work pay” and at realistic levels to support families. It also requires another long hard look at how we support those in our society who do not work for whatever reasons, how humanity and compassion can be returned to a system based upon “social security” and sustainable lifestyles. It needs a recogition that “austerity” and reductions in public services have hurt and damaged the most vulnerable worst – and those policies need to be reversed.

The response from Churches, and everyone who has ever donated and supported a foodbank in many ways is also clear, please tell your MP, your Councillors, and anyone else you can think of that foodbanks and food charity is not how we will solve the “complex” issues that bring people to foodbanks for support, but that we will not rest until there is no longer a need for any citizen in the UK to need such support, in one of the worlds richest nations (as we are) there are better and fairer ways of supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. And for those of us who pray, we could do worse than to start with the words from the prophet Amos:

“… let justice roll down like waters,
    and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

(Amos 5.24)


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